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Nihal Ahmed - Founder & CEO, Limitless Institute

Nihal Ahmed (Founder + CEO) is deeply vested in helping people find their purpose and realize their true potential. In this journey, he’s built board games, conferences, workshops, university courses, and entrepreneurship academies and over 80 learning labs - all aimed at helping over 10,000 people be their best self and do more meaningful work across six continents.

What makes Nihal 'Limitless'?

Helping people see possibilities they didn’t see before.

Raghava KK - Advisor and Partner, Limitless Institute

Raghava KK (Founder) is a multi-disciplinary artist who explores transcendence of art through painting, installation and performances to express post-human contemporary realities. 


He’s a 5-time TED speaker, and master storyteller who’s renowned for inspiring audiences to expand their social and psychological selves, using art. 


Named by CNN as one of the 10 most remarkable people in the world, and inducted as a National Geographic Society as an Explorer, for pushing the boundaries of scientific exploration through art.

What makes Raghava 'Limitless'?

Helping embrace your inner child.

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