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A Limitless career to be intellectually, emotionally, purposefully connected - so you can lead a life that's richer, healthier, happier, and impactful.

A Limitless Career

Limitless is where help people be the best versions of themselves

intellectually, emotionally, purposefully - so you can lead a life that's richer, healthier, happier, and impactful.

We do this through meticulously crafted workshops, programs, experiences, games, products, toolkits, apps, and rich media.

Our Vision

Imagine this as a decentralized education institution to teach you everything that the mainstream didn't - like discovering your passion and purpose, starting your own business, learning to solve creative problems, building meaningful relationships, making friends with money, and enhancing your wellbeing through habits and rituals and more.

Our vision is to spark one million people through this by 2025 - help them see possibilities in them that they didn't see before and take action.


Human potential is the most untapped resource in the world - we need to build a cutting-edge educational institution that will outlive us and an army that will fight to keep this vision going.

decentralized education institution to teach you to discover your passion and purpose, start your own business, learn to solve creative problems, build meaningful relationships, make friends with money, and enhance your wellbeing through habits and rituals and more.

Our Work

If people, companies, and communities are stuck in a rut, want to level up or restart more meaningfully, they come to us.


Our partners and participants have called our solutions life-changing - it has helped them start companies, moved them to new markets, helped them make lifelong friends & launch passion projects, movements and campaigns. You can read our testimonials here, including some from some of the best in the world.

Since 2014:

  1. We've built programs for marginalized communities to boost their livelihood and creative capital.

  2. Created tools like Ikiguide to help people live a more meaningful life. Last year, it became an Amazon bestseller in Mexico in its kindle format.

  3. Coached over 100 select global creators closely to tell their most authentic stories through Story Collective.

  4. Helped companies think about the future and navigate it with authority by building India's first immersive finance-based performance-art experience called the Game of Tomorrow.

  5. Collaborated with organizations like the World Bank, UNWomen, and various forms of global governments to tackle complex systemic issues.


we have created 30 IPs, ran over 200 workshops across 6 continents and 35 countries, and have touched over 12,000 lives and we're aiming to do so much more.

We have some incredible projects coming up in 2022

  • a fellowship program on science-fiction

  • an immersive game to help heal the criminal justice system in India

  • our first online course,

  • and a new-age MBA for the creative economy


We project that these projects will create over 500 jobs, 100+ projects, improve lives, and create efficiencies of over $5 million.

If people, companies, and communities are stuck in a rut, want to level up or restart more meaningfully, they come to us.

Why you'd love working here: 

We give a DAMN! 

All of us have a fire inside of us. We just need to find the fuel that ignites it. Leading a purposeful life is tough - it needs clarity, courage, action, vulnerability, and anti-fragility. 

You bring your purposeful self here, and we will walk alongside you, encourage you, spark hope and courage in you, celebrate with you, heal with you and build a community of support around you. 

Shape the company and the products with us. 

We give you the autonomy to bring your own ideas and perspectives into the work and the functioning of the company. 

Come with your own ideas and launch them here - make this your sandbox. 

You’ll be able to work remotely and (mostly) set your own schedule. 

work out on a beach, or deep in the mountains, as long as you have a solid internet connection. 

And if you want to run some important errands or spend some more quality time with your family or loved ones, we'll do what we can to facilitate it. 

Your personal growth

is our growth

Set up coaching calls with us, connect with incredible people in our community, and attend our programs.


We are invested in helping you grow personally as much as you grow into this role. 

work remotely and (mostly) set your own schedule, Shape the company and the products with us and see your personal growth.

Why you might not want to work here:

This is a stop-gap and gets you lukewarm excited

Unless you feel deeply about our vision, want to deeply contribute to this problem, and are excited to get your hands dirty, this isn't for you. 

If this is your second/third choice - you might not last the journey. 

Get ready for a fluid structure and quick, iterative work.

We're a fairly young, lean team and currently fully remote team. If any of these is a deal-breaker, please don't apply. 

We collaborate actively, but also give you autonomy - so take as much support as you need, but don't expect supervision throughout. 
You need to be good at navigating ambiguity and a healthy dose and chaos and leave no room for inertia. 

You might have to work on projects/tasks that are vastly different from one another. 

Go beyond your call of duty.

There will be moments where you need to step in and do what's necessary. Don't know how? take some time and learn it or ask people.


The roles will be ever-evolving and we need someone who takes ownership. This also means some tasks that are not fun, but that's the arc everyone has to go through. 

If there are bumps in the road, if anything is not working well - flag it, take initiative and fix it. approach work with a solution-based mindset - help us get better if we're not doing our best and take charge rather than complain. 

Set 40/hour week.

You will be an entrepreneur-in-residence at Limitless. This means, you largely decide the path you want to set to hit your objectives. Sometimes, it means on some days, going above the 40 hours/week, but we highly value balance and will help you manage your time well. 

We also don’t evaluate your performance based on hours worked; just that the work gets done and done well.

It also means that we don't have the high salaries that you'll get in a large company.

But we will help you participate in our wealth and grow with us financially. 
We will however offer perks and benefits based on your growth with us. 

Get ready for a fluid structure and quick, iterative work.


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