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Game of Tomorrow

Game of Tomorrow is an experiential stock-exchange simulation game and performance art piece.

It contains detailed scenarios and market fluctuations to help transport people into the world of the future and have them respond to the rapidly changing environment by trading shares of companies in future industries.

The game takes place in 2022 and flows till 2040  with scenarios changing every 5 minutes— in terms of policies, natural disasters, international relations, climatic fluctuations, and more— and the players are required to base their trading decisions on these events. 

These cues are presented as performance art, social media posts, stand-up comedy acts, visual design, images, radio announcements, and short films.


Game Elements

Companies and Shares

We created 15 companies, both traditional and futuristic, with their branding, prospectus, and share certificate. These are the companies whose shares will be bought and sold over the course of the game. 

Companies and Currencies

Each company is given beta values that came from research and interviews with experts and whose stock values fluctuate based on scenarios from the game. 


We also have money that would be used to buy and sell shares, insider information, and supplementary support during the game. Each player started with a fixed amount and their purchasing capacity would increase based on their stock values rising. 


We have multiple tickers across the space that display stock values of these companies in real-time that help investors make better decisions. 


There are regular announcements made by the game facilitators, videos montages, skits, and carefully curated rich media like newsletters that they could purchase, interviews with entrepreneurs and leaders, etc. 

Live Theatre Performance

We work with an acclaimed theatre group that will dazzle and move the participants and let you be a part of the immersive experience


What will it do?


Help prepare your team for the future and make strategic bets


A more powerful experience for team-building and building deeper bonds.


Overall, create an enriching and interactive educational experience

This is a new age twist on traditional talks, where participants will apply their knowledge and intuition in an energising, fast-paced activity set in the future.

They will not only internalize drivers of disruption but more importantly, act on them in a curated hands-on experience. 

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