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Our courses help individuals, brands and communities find, tell and live their story
Find Your Story

We begin by co-creating a safe space for learners to open their minds and explore who they can be through calibration, culture setting and expectation setting. 

Once the stage is set, the courses are designed to help you deep-dive into finding your life manifesto, discovering your ikigai - purpose for being, and unleashing your inner artist through Art-Based Leadership methods that help you uncover unconventional approaches to co-creating and self-expression.

Tell Your Story

Your story begins with you. 


And, we believe that understanding yourself starts with embracing your inner child - that voice that is creative, spontaneous, curious, and in perpetual awe. With practical tips and tools to help you connect with your authentic child-like self, we help you craft your own, unique story of inspiration. 


The TED-style masterclass with Raghava, a four-time TED speaker, is designed to help you narrate your story on a world stage. The key purpose is understanding how a good story can open doors of opportunity, and build leverage in global forums and communities. 

By the end of this session, you will be equipped to not only develop your personal branding but also be able to embody it with authenticity. 

Live Your Story

At Limitless, we believe that your real story begins after you’ve lent it your voice. Having discovered your unique brand, now you must find ways to live it to its fullest. The concepts and tools we’ve created help you do just that.

1. Alternate Currencies

Leverage is getting what you want with a currency that’s not money. We help you create your Value Assessment Document and a Fundraising Cheat-sheet to tap into your leverage.

2. Vuja De

A flipside of Deja Vu, Vuja De invites learners to look at what you’ve seen before, but through a different lens. It uses curiosity to build an entrepreneurial mindset and pushes you to take things apart by asking: Why? Why not? What if? How might we?

3. Wellbeing

We know that finding purpose, happiness
and life-satisfaction are now major drivers
of success and we aim to build a community that collectively takes charge to create a fulfilling and sustainable life. With deep-dives into subjects of Work-life infusions, Managing relationships, Wellbeing budgets, Creating boundaries, and Handling critique and failure, we help you create your
personal Wellbeing Plan.

4. Creative Ecosystems - Collaboration

We help creators and leaders build an ecosystem of support and insights that can elevate you to the next level. The Knowledge Market we’ve designed is where we foster collaborations and show you how to create WIN-WINs and make that impossible pitch.

5. Naughty With Grace + Play

We’ve learned that most great leaders do not accept the status quo. We’ve also understood that rebelling without grace can cause chaos. This program gives you the toolkits to disrupt the status quo with grace by helping them

Unlock Your Potential
  • Find your next meaningful steps for change

  • Discover unique patterns that make you and your team tick.

  • Optimize your vision and purpose.

Amplify Your Impact
  • Transform your network into champions for your business.

  • Learn how to collaborate and build communities to improve exponentially. 

  • Have your team invest and shape your company’s future.

Build Culture With Purpose
  • Make Your Workspace Holistic and driven by purpose. 

  • Become Future-Ready

  • Shape your vision and build the next level of leadership.