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What we do

Over the years, we've built, tested and delivered a wide array of products and programs for people who wish to realize their potential and make an impact in the world.

These tools help people discover themselves, learn skills they're not usually taught in schools, find meaning, welcome wellbeing and build plans towards their desired futures.  Here are a few: 

Life in Beta

Creative Problem Solving Guide

Life in Beta will help you understand how things work, to explore and see the world differently;. It will equip you to be a problem-solver, experiment with projects and get better at prototyping with every iteration and the experience to build any project from scratch and bring it into the real world.

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Public Speaker


Workshops, Talks, and Experiences

See.k harnesses the power of storytelling to inspire and empower employees to tell their own stories, leveraging the most powerful asset of any company-- its people.  We build hands-on workshops, conferences, experiences and salon-style events to help organisations and their people navigate the future.

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Story Collective


The Story Collective is a unique four-day experience designed for storytellers, creatives, and entrepreneurs who want to refine their story.


Self-Discovery Card Deck

Know yourself better, calibrate on your passion, purpose and vocation and get clarity on:

1. What you love

2. What you're good at

3. The real you

4. Your place in the world

5. Making it a reality


Each section has carefully curated questions to help a person introspect and outrospect for meaningful answers. 

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Integrated Makerspace Program

We need hands-on learning to be ready to navigate the future. That’s why Sp.arc builds makerspaces that empowers people to take learning into their own hands, where they discover their passions, experiment and develop the problem-solving skills they need to succeed on their own terms.

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